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Consolidation Centre

Consolidation Centres provide an effective supply chain management solution enabling the safe and efficient flow of construction materials and equipment from supplier to project. The concept of Consolidation Centres was specifically developed to serve the materials handling needs of multiple construction sites in busy and challenging environments such as airports and inner city areas.

Our latest development is the establishment of a new facility, located in Bermondsey, to serve construction projects in London. Several large projects have already committed to using the ground-breaking resource but further capacity is still available for use and interested parties are encouraged to contact us for further information: or telephone Ruth Bonner on 01702 346222 or Ian Lister on 07887 823799. Click HERE to view and/or download an information sheet on the Bermondsey Consolidation Centre

How the Consolidation Centre works:

The main purpose of the Consolidation Centre is to promote the efficient flow of construction goods from supply chains to actual points of use on projects. It is neither a 'warehouse' nor a 'builder's merchant'.

Construction goods are delivered into the Centre during the daytime in relative bulk - prior to being 'called off' by trade contractors, in the quantities required for use in the immediate future in workpacks, following a 'just in time' approach. Goods are checked on arrival at the Centre for quantity and condition, ensuring any problems are highlighted at an early stage.

The Centre does not store goods in the conventional sense (not more than 7 days is the ideal). It distributes 'just in time' to meet the daily needs of construction sites - demand pull - the 'Holy Grail' of supply chain management.

Goods are 'consolidated', which means that multiple part-loads are combined into single shipments. This process maximises the efficiency of distribution vehicles and leads to a substantial reduction in overall vehicle numbers delivering into a congested environment.

The key feature of the Centre is that goods are delivered not just to a site entrance - but to specified locations as close as is practicable to the workface, by material handling operatives. They are specialists in their field and use an extensive range of vehicles and mechanical handling equipment necessary to complete distributions safely, efficiently and without damage. In addition they deal with all associated issues, such as overall co-ordination of distributions (to avoid clashes), 'walking' intended access routes, arranging road closures, lifting plans, health and safety of site workers and the general public (erecting pedestrian barriers, etc) ensuring that order is created in the distribution process.

Trade contractors are left free to concentrate on their core tasks, without worrying about the co-ordination of and supply of goods to site, nor the need for their specialist trade operatives, who are often working in short time windows, to be diverted away from production to assist with material handling.

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