CE Avanti

Avanti is an approach to collaborative working that enables construction project partners to work together effectively

The principles of collaborative working the Avanti way are early access to all project information by all partners, early involvement of the supply chain, and sharing of information, drawings and schedules, in an agreed and consistent manner. The Avanti approach is supported by handbooks, toolkits and on-site mentoring.



To get a copy of the official CE Avanti SMP, contact the project manager
The Avanti Approach presentation, June 2006
The CE Avanti Presentation


30 September 2008 | NEW

be2camp - Exploring Web 2.0 in the built environment

Author: Jon de Souza

Constructing Excellence is delighted to promote the be2camp event which will explore how web technology can improve the built environment. Jon de Souza, Director at CE, will present in the Pecha Kucha session on CE's recent adoption of Web 2.0.