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Constructing Excellence is the single organisation charged with driving the change agenda in construction. We exist to improve industry performance in order to produce a better built environment. We are a cross-sector, cross-supply chain, member led organisation operating for the good of industry and its stakeholders. More...

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10 September 2014

CDM 2015 – Update

The HSE presented the findings of the evaluation of CDM 2007 to the HSE Board in December 2011. It was clear from the e...

10 September 2014

Constructing Excellence National Awards Sponsorship Opportunities

Held every year in November, the Constructing Excellence Awards are a celebration of everything the UK’s Built Environme...

10 September 2014

Health in Construction

Why should clients take an interest in worker’s health within the construction industry and what can they do to support ...

10 September 2014

IUK project initiation routemap

Infrastructure UK published its Project Initiation Routemap in July. This comprises a Handbook and associated Modules to...

10 September 2014

Institution of Civil Engineers Constructing Health and Safety event

Setting high benchmarks for health and safety, and holding projects to them, saves lives.

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08 October 2014

Members’ Forum, ‘Showcasing the work of the Constructing Excellence theme groups’

As well as showcasing Constructing Excellence’s theme groups and how they support our 2025 Vision of excellence, the Mem...

14 November 2014

National Convention 2014

The Constructing Excellence National Convention brings together all parts of the movement, including national, club, reg...

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Health In Construction

Why should clients take an interest in worker’s health within the construction industry and what can they do to support a sustainable outcome? Firstly, let us look at some startling facts: - The construction industry accounts for less than 10% of the UK’s working population, but 56% of all male occupational cancer registrations are construction related - 98% [...]


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